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Martine RothblattMartine is a pioneer in the satellite industry, launching companies including Geostar, PanAmSat, and Sirius Satellite Radio.
She also founded United Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company focused on cardiopulmonary disorders. In 2013, she became the highest paid female CEO in America.

Martine is a helicopter pilot and a parent of four children. She also used to be a man named Martin.

Martine speaks with Jessica about her experience transforming gender, satellites, and life duration, from scratch.

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Dan YatesOpower is a software company focused on energy efficiency. Opower works with utilities to monitor how much energy a consumer uses and gives households and businesses incentives to lower their consumption. The idea is that through the use of behavioral science techniques such as peer proof, people will feel compelled to consume energy more responsibly. Dan started Opower in 2007 with his Harvard classmate Alex Laskey. Opower went public in April, 2014. Prior, Dan launched Edusoft, a software company focused on public school assessments, which was sold to Houghton Mifflin in 2004.

Dan speaks with Jessica about how he launched Opower, from scratch.

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